When it comes to the choice of a whole house fan, hire a Whole House Fan installer that understands the various models that are on the market. As a company, we always strive to deliver the best models and brands of whole house fans. Our services include installation, repairs, maintenance, and servicing of the fans. Here are some of the top-rated brands that you will find on the market.


Tamarack is also known as TamTech and it is another brand that offers an extensive range of whole house fans. Whether you are looking for conventional fans or the modern smart fans, with voice commands, this is the right brans. The most popular fans are insulated fans, which are usually mounted on the ceiling. These fans have doors, which have a motor to drive them. The doors open as soon as the fan stars and will close when the fan stops.

There is a series of smart whole house fans, which use WiFi. You can control the fans using smart devices and they have an option to accept voice prompts and commands. The Tamarack fans are a true reflection of modern technology.


Airscape whole house fans boast of being the best and green alternative to air conditioners. The distinct feature of these fans is the fact that they are able to create a cool and fresh environment. As such, you will not need to spend a lot of money with air conditioners. The fans are designed to run quietly and as such, you can have them one when you are sleeping at night and you will not have to worry about the noise.

The Airscape fan will be installed in your attic and will deliver excellent ventilation for the whole house. The stale air will be exhausted and this leaves you with a clean and fresh air in your house. There are different sizes and types of Airscape fans and this is a brand that has also embraced technology in their fans.

Cenetric air house fan


If you are looking for a quiet whole house fan, this is the best model. It comes with a two-speed setting and has a remote for easier control. The fan is ideal for homes from 1500 to 3000 sqft. Seeing that there is less ventilation with this fan, the associated costs are significantly reduced. There is a 15-year warranty with this type of house fan.

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Our primary mission is to ensure that your house is cool during the summer months without escalating the electricity bills. Whole house fans are ideal for cooling the high temperatures in your home in a cost-effective manner. Get the best model for your home today!